Pavlovs Prinsesse

Costumes and scenography for Pavlov Prinsesse – a dance and litterateur performance.

Pavlov Prinsesse is an erotic novel by author Stephanie Caruana.

It is a sensual fairy tale about erotic enchantments. A woman’s torn between light and darkness – her imaginary male lovers.

During the dance performance the author reads the story loud to the audience and the improvised and newly composed music is played.


Dancer & Idea: Marianna Minasova

Author: Stephanie Caruana

Choreographer: Daniel Rodrigo Nilsen

Scenografer & Costume designer: Mira Vinzents

Musician & Composer: Kristian Tangvik

Video & Light designer: Tsvetan Nastev

Dance Amager & Amar: litt


  • Project year 2015