Medical Museion

Costume design for the movie ‘The Swallow and the Squeeze’ which is a part of Mind the Gut exhibition at Medical Museion

The movie is about the digestive system, the organs, nerves and microbiom. How the food gets through and effects the body.

Collaboration with visual artist Guston Sondin-Kung, and the curators Louise Whiteley and Adam Bencard


Our brain and bowels are under examination in new exhibition Mind the Gut at Medical Museion. The exhibition focuses on the complex relationship between mind and gut through a thought-provoking blend of science, art and history

Brain, gut feelings, identity, bowels, bacteria, microbiomes. All these things are brought together in the new exhibition Mind the Gut

The exhibition shows how doctors, scientists, patients and artists have tried to study and treat the complex relationship between mind and gut. It is a puzzle that has occupied us for millennia, and which is increasingly a focus of contemporary science, fashionable lifestyle trends, and vigorous societal debates about the nature of health and treatment.




  • Project Year 2017